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New : RAMS 15: (july 2007)

New : Planets, personality, predictions, beyond belief : a scientist point of view (january 2008)

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Manifesto of RAMS
Astrological Research with Scientific Methods

● The astrological studies carried out by RAMS are based on a fundamentally scientific approach.

● Esoteric concepts and manifestations are rejected and classic astrological symbols used are considered as similar to chemical symbols (Cu= copper etc).

● The aim of RAMS is to encourage and develop research, study and analysis of observed statistical links between planetary phenomena of the solar system and human characteristics, both in the areas of personality assessment and the forecasting of events.

● Insofar as the nature of astrological phenomena is concerned, RAMS refuses to consider these as being without natural causes, known or yet to be discovered, and restricts itself to using scientific terms or concepts that are clear and well founded.

● Without dismissing the complexity of the interplay of factual events, it firmly rejects irrational literary approaches in all studies or theories advanced.

● RAMS thus seeks to ensure that astrology be made a legitimate subject of research, and that such research be recognised as of serious scientific and academic value, useful to society in a pragmatic , practical and humanistic way.


The objectives of RAMS are :

  • To identify existing studies, methods and research relating to astrology.

  • To develop and apply new research based on scientific methods.

  • To promote and disseminate, through any means available, studies that fulfil the criteria of research on astrology, using scientific methods.

History :

founded in 1992 by F. Santoni, S. Fuzeau-Braech, F. Schneider-Gauquelin and Y. Lenoble, RAMS has brought out 12 annual reports (Les Cahiers des RAMS) on the results of new research and various studies.

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